After taking the TESOL course, I’ve gained lots of valuable knowledge and techniques. I understand how to organize a lesson plan and apply some teaching aids and tactics in teaching a lesson. I know what I should and should not do in teaching. The course also gives me a thorough understanding of teaching English to students because I can find a way to help students understand clearly the vocabulary, grammar, etc. The materials are available to download and do exercises. Moreover, the most impressive thing to me is that I have the chance to take a small quiz at the end of every module. Because it helps me review and remember all of the knowledge I’ve learned. In particular, I can gain some experience from the comments of the teacher, which are very detailed and helpful. The teacher is very dedicated and inspired too. The way he teaches doesn’t seem too difficult for me to understand and imagine what he said. Another great thing about the course is that every lesson is limited to just 20–30 minutes, which is very good for me because it’s not too long to become bored. Thanks to this course, I can make a good preparation for my teaching in the future. In conclusion, this course is perfect and helpful.


After days of hard study and many exams, I finally passed the exams and completed the course. Frankly speaking, it was easy at first but more and more difficult later. However the course was designed to be quite easy to understand and the lesson were divided into short videos so it was easy to re-watch and take notes. Because the course was designed in the form of videos, it is very convenient for me to re-watch any part that I didn’t understand that helped me a lot. I believe re-watching videos helped me to to understand the lesson better and pass all the exams. Although learning online, the teacher tried his best to make videos as fun as possible so I didn’t get bored watching the lessons. I enjoyed the course a lot and gained so much knowledge and experience from the teacher. The knowledge I have learned has been very helpful for my lesson planning and teaching. A big thank you to the teacher and Glenn College for organizing this useful course and thank you Mr. Tam for always accompanying to support during my study.


I used to think that teachers only need to go to school to teach, which may be very easy. This is completely wrong. The Tesol course at Global College gave me a deeper understanding of the education, and a more detailed understanding of how to use blackboards, worksheets, flashcards, pictures, real objects as well as how to create activities in the classroom and make it more interesting through guessing games, look and say, look and do activities,… My teacher is Mr. Allan, who is a great teacher. He discussed a wide range of topics in a small amount of time. I can learn a lot from his descriptions and practical experiences. In addition, he made a very detailed comment on my test so that I can consolidate my missing knowledge. Furthermore, Global Colledge’s system is very professional. Besides the qualified teacher, it also has enthusiastic supporters who were very friendly in helping me with the registration process and encouraging me to study.
In general, I am very satisfied with this course. But I think it would be better if it can add online teaching skills, how to interact with students through online software, and organize activities during online teaching. Because online teaching is becoming more and more popular and developing, it has many differences compared with face-to-face teaching.


Hello! My name is Nhi. I’m 18 years old. I just gratuated from VA high school and now I’m on a gap year in order to follow my goal which is to achieve Tesol certificate. I have been learning this program for 2 weeks. That’s a great curriculum. I have been studied a lot of skills such as lesson learning skill, teaching skill and how to be a good teacher.. The course have 10 modules and 2 exams. Passing this challenges with a score above 70, you will obtain a certificate. My feeling when I have learned this program is not too difficult, just practice carefully, you can get a perfect score. I find it extremely practical and reality. Interestingly, I can study whenever I have freetime. This help me to organize my time more scientifically .


I am really interested in the online TESOL course operated by Glenn College for some reasons. First, it is undeniable that the flexibility that the course brings to students is a big advantage, especially during COVID-10 pandemic. With a laptop, I could study all lessons everywhere at any time without going anywhere. Second, the knowledge is essential and helpful for an ESL teacher. You learn all necessary information related to skills to teach and how to organize an effective ESL class. Last but not least, the program is designed logical. Every video lasts maximum 30 minutes so that students do not get bored and overloaded. Furthermore, the test at the end of each module gives students a chance to revise knowledge and communicate with the teacher also. For me, teacher’s feedbacks in every test are clear and serious. I study a lot from him. In a nutshell, I feel so grateful to have an opportunity to join this useful course.